Saturday, March 27, 2010

Car Prep for 2010

We've decided lighter and cooler is the way to go in 2010. As such we've been busy messing about adding vents, taking out the air con, the sound deadening, etc as well as adding some harder springs and wider wheels.

sucking out the aircon gas.

Swapping the springs

cutting a new vent in the bumper for more air flow and refix that number plate.

Flaring the fenders after operation big wheel. we're going from 205 on 16s to 235 on 17s.

This is what we look like currently from front and side.

We also fitted a new exhaust manifold. Still a lot of work to do on the car before the next race. The water sender needs to be fixed as it is broken, tires fitted. We're still lacking a proper fan belt to remove the aircon properly but hopefully we'll sort this and some more stuff out before the next race which is coming up April 17.